Infant Program

6 weeks to 12 months

Caring for infants is a tremendous responsibility. We take that responsibility very seriously. Our infant classrooms are a model of efficiency, security and safety. Toys are sterilized daily and changing tables are sterilized after each diaper is changed.

Changing tables and washing sinks are located inside of each classroom, to ensure that our teachers are always with the children at all times. Our strict diaper changing procedure is strictly followed. In our warm and nurturing environment, our babies are cuddled, rocked and played with by carefully chosen and consistent caregivers.

Each caregiver is dressed in clean, colorful hospital scrubs. For the protection of each baby, we do not allow street shoes and every adult must sanitize their hands before entering our infant center.

Your baby will have a personal crib and cubby where clothing, bedding, food and bottles can be stored away from other children.

Every detail has been meticulously planned from the design of the infant center to the selection of equipment, toys, curriculum and activities to the screening and training of infant caregivers.

Parents can rely on our loving, dedicated staff of infant caregivers, chosen for their warmth and affectionate personalities. They provide nurturing, age appropriate stimulation and lots of love.

Music, including classical, is played in the infant center daily. Recent studies have shown the enhanced effect of music on babies. They say music unlocks the creative spirit and strengthens the mind (The Mozart Effect). Play is based on exploration, stimulation and sensory.

Infant rooms are packed with toys and equipment similar to the toys and equipment you have at home for your baby. Caregivers sit on gliders while holding, cuddling and feeding our little ones.

Brooklyn Kids Academy Infant Centers are immaculate, colorful, well equipped, safe environments. Parents feel selfassured and confident that their infant is being cared for in the most loving way.

Fine Motor Development turning, tracking, grasping
Gross Motor Skills crawling, cruising, pushing, pulling, reaching
Music & Art age appropriate activities for stimulation and enrichment
Language Development talking, listening, sounds, eye contact
touchy – feely textures, touching, feeling
Playground Time going outside for playground activities
On Carpet Time On the carpet or a blanket for playing with appropriate toys or mobiles, infant gyms, infant seats
Infant Swing for peaceful rocking and swinging
Nap Time per each baby’s schedule
Meal Time per each baby’s schedule

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