Safety & Security

Security and Safety 

To assist in keeping your child safe, all doors are locked, and a audio-visual security system is in place. Your child is always visually observed by a teacher. We maintain very low teacher to student ratios thus ensuring constant in sight observation.

We have a biometric fingerprint recognition system, that ensures that ONLY authorized parent / guardian can sign out your child from our preschool.

Fire drills are held each month in accordance with NYC requirements.

First Aid boxes are kept in the Preschool Director’s office and in the classrooms. Emergency numbers for children and volunteers are filed in the Director’s office.

Our staff has American Red Cross first aid and CPR training and certification. In a serious emergency, 911 will be called, and parents and the Preschool Director will be notified. When going for treatment, the child’s complete file and injury report form (if applicable) will be taken. This file contains a summary of the child’s medical history, as well as medical emergency permission forms. Children not requiring treatment or observation remain supervised & reassured that their friend is being well cared for.


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