Diversity at Brooklyn Kids Academy

At the Brooklyn Kids Academy, we aim to foster and develop an understanding and appreciation among students, teachers and parents of diversity. The socio-economic and ethnic composition of our nation’s children is so diverse that many view this as a challenge for educators. We do not. At Brooklyn Kids Academy, we see diversity as an opportunity. We also believe that it is our responsibility as educators to ensure that our children’s educational environment accurately reflects the diversity of the world in which we are preparing them to be proactive citizens.

Individual differences must not affect a child’s right to a nurturing and stimulating academic setting. The Brooklyn Kids Academy feels that all children can benefit from exposure to a diverse learning environment and we encourage families from all backgrounds to apply. Our educational programs are designed to approach diversity as an asset that can be used in the preparation of our students for citizenship in an increasingly diverse society.

The educators at Brooklyn Kids Academy believe a diverse learning environment is key to nurturing your child’s individual development as well as instilling a sense of community with their peers, regardless of cultural background. We strive to teach all our students that knowledge comes in many forms.



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